Series 3

My final series and I edited the following Episodes,

Episode 2 – The Sports Day
It’s a bad day for fr. Phillip when he discovered his that bally’s new Parish priest is his old nemesis, fr. Bob ‘speedy’ Gilmartin. With the sports day coming up, all eyes are on the all priests 10k road race and the u-12 ‘friendly hurling match’ between Killinaskully & the Bally boys.

Episode 4 – The Driving Test
When Dan refuses to retract the sexist remarks that he makes about women drivers, all the women in the village go on strike.

Episode 5- Cheese Dreams
It’s Hallowe’en and Dieter decides to try out some new cheese on the unsuspecting Killinaskullians. With Merry Men, Zombies and a visit to the ER, Dieter’s gastronomic episode turns into a bit of a nightmare … or two … or three.

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