Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your blogs…

Me and my mates get together on a Saturday night.

I’m really enjoying doing this blog, among other things it has presented me with the chance to read some other excellent blogs by some friends of mine, so I thought I’d do a quick post about what my mates are up to and where to find them. I apologise in advance if I have forgotten someone

Top of my reading list is the blog of Miss Maire T.Robinson. It’s full of interesting literary updates and links to Maire’s incredible writing. She often puts up short examples of her work like this recent effort which was originally printed in Spanish for a Mexican literary magazine no less. We also get an occasional glimpse into her private life, which seems to revolve around some bearded editor stud of a boyfriend.

Every Monday, my brother “Radio’s Ciaran Murphy” (trademark) prints his popular sideline cut column for online news-service the journal and their spin-off sports section You can read today’s latest offering here.

Of all my friends running blogs, the most successful has to be Kenny Hanlon, who is one of the main contributors to infinitestatemachine music blog that gets thousands of visits every month. The music featured isn’t always my cup of tea but I still always enjoy reading Kenny’s posts, infused as they are with his somewhat unique world view.

Like a modern-day version of Mad Men Character Paul Kinsey, ad man Karl Waters is a troubled man. This Monaghan native just loves social equality; he can’t get enough of it. When he’s not trying to improve the lives of inner-city kids, he likes nothing better than sitting down, with a glass of Fanta Orange, listening to Fleetwood Mac and writing his excellent blog

Mayo people, it’s fair to say are all pretty lame but I guess the exception that proves the rule is Paul Fullard. He occasionally writes his thoughts here. His lady friend Fiona has a very impressive, well maintained and somewhat girly blog here.

Jimi McDonnell, man about Tuam. He’s 20% hair you know. His blog is stone lakes.

Several of my photographer buddies have blogs check them out, Declan Colohan, Martin McGagh, Jason Kearney, Gillian Nugent and Mark Kelly
Heather Mills publishes her excellent comics here and my editing colleague Simon has a blog here. Leah Carri writes about her life down in Australia for her blog

Then there is the mysterious Ginger Adonis. Some say the blog was originally written on papyrus sometime before 5000BC and handed down from Ginger to Ginger. Others suggest it is the work of one bitter Ginger from the West of Ireland. Whatever the truth, the blog serves an important function reminding us that Gingers are people too, hilarious odd-looking people.