How to make your own DCP

I came accross this video by Uk based Film maker Danny Lacey. He has a very interesting blog which charts his filmmaking adventures. He put together this piece about how to make your own Digital Cinema Package which is a really handy guide if you are working on a low budget film and can’t afford the dcp process.

Watch the video for a more detailed look at the DCP making process but in simple terms, it goes like this:
1. Export your film as a 16-bit TIFF sequence
2. Use free, open source DCP software to convert the TIFF sequence into JPEG 2000
3. The DCP software then wraps the video (JPEG2000) and audio (WAV) in to MXF files.
4.The final stage is creating the DCP which generates 6 files that will be recognised by a DCP server.

Useful links from the video:
DCP Info (Academy specifications)

You can see some of Danny Laceys work here