Local Heroes: A Town Fights Back – Drogheda

A few months back I edited a short piece about Drogheda and how it has been so poorly effected by the harsh economic times we live in. The film was put together as part of the ongoing “Local Heroes” series on RTE which premiered last week. In the first episode of the show, the organisers of the project gathered the townsfolk together for a meeting chaired by Pat Kenny to discuss what could be done to boost Drogheda and as part of that meeting they showed the film I cut which you can watch below

The film got a cracking reception on the night and the people of Drogheda found the whole thing quite moving, as, it has to be said, did I when I watched it within the context of the final tv show. Its rare that you get the chance to see how the work you’ve done effects people, especially those people who were in the film itself.
You can watch the first episode of the series here. The show was directed by Darragh Bryne, produced by Jean Devlin from Animo television and edited by Stephen Murphy. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.

Drogheda Local Heroes

Here’s an article from IFTN about a series I did some work on last month. I worked on the opening episode, it promises to be a really good series following the people of Drogheda as they unite to try and overcome the economic downturn. You can follow their campaign on their official facebook page. The show was directed by Darragh Bryne whose film “Parked” plays as part of the Irish Film New York next week for whom I also did some work earlier in the summer

Animo Television have begun filming this week on a new six part series for RTÉ ‘Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back’.
Directed by Darragh Byrne and produced by Jean Devlin, the series follows the people of Drogheda as they come together to fight-back for jobs. With nearly one third of Drogheda’s population unemployed, Senator Fergal Quinn leads a team of experts as they try to kick-start the local economy.

While the focus of the effort will be on a number of traditional areas like entrepreneurship, tourism and business, Fergal will also encourage the people of Drogheda to come up with more creative responses to tackle this major challenge.

Executively produced by Adrian Lynch, filming will continue for three months in Drogheda, where it will be filmed on multi format HD. ‘Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back’ will be edited by Stephen Murphy and Hugh Chandler and will be posted at Egg Post Production. The series is commissioned by RTÉ.

The Local Heroes television series is part of a wider campaign by RTÉ, who will make a full catalogue of ideas and initiatives tried in Drogheda available on their website so other Irish towns can try and start their own economic renewal. Pat Kenny will also be following the progress of Drogheda and towns mirroring the initiative on RTÉ Radio 1.

Animo Television’s ’Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back’ will begin in November on RTÉ One.