Film Festival in Dublin this weekend.

A busy weekend for film lovers in Dublin this weekend as both the Fingal Film Festival and the IFI Stranger than Fiction are on in the city. I’m lucky to have films I cut in both.

At 4pm today in Fingal we have a screening of Sarah McCann’s One Ocean No Limits
One Ocean: No Limits is the first Irish documentary on the subject of the extreme sport of ocean rowing, follows a young Irish novice rower through the highs and lows of rowing unassisted as part of a crew of six across the vast Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Barbados.
The film is nominated for an award in the festival as best feature documentary.
The Fingal Film Festival is now in its third year and they have a pretty impressive line-up this year. Mind you its almost impossible to find the schedule of films on their website and when you do find it you have to squint at it as its basically a jpeg. It’s very frustrating when you’re trying to figure out when your film is actually on. Hopefully they will sort it out for next year

The IFI Stranger than Fiction Festival kicked off last night. The festival is Irelands premier documentary film festival and programmer Ross Whitaker has once again gathered together a stellar line up of documentaries from around the world.
Tomorrow afternoon we have the screening of the new IFB Reality Bites shorts and among those we have the world premiere of Ben Jones documentary ‘Under Open Skies’ which I had the pleasure of cutting. The doc is a nostalgic look at Irelands abandoned outdoor handball alleys and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen where I think it’ll be mightily impressive.

Sunday in the festival also see the World Premiere of Showrunners at 8 but i’ll probably post about that over the weekend.

Bergmann Update

So yesterday I posted that “The Last Days of Peter Bergmann” had won the best Short Documentary at the highly prestigious Melbourne International Film Festival. Since then the win has garnered quite a bit of attention online.
In a press release from the festival itself the Film Festival Jury had this to say about the film.

“Ciaran Cassidy taps the voyeur in all of us with his masterful appropriation of hours of compelling CCTV footage that track a tantalising incomplete picture of The Last Days of Peter Bergmann. Coupled with a series of compelling interviews, Cassidy manages to invert the mystery genre from whodunnit to why. Meticulously researched, this is a riveting ride that leaves the audience rooted to their seats as they act out the role of both spy and detective.”

Here are some more of the reactions from online yesterday


Bergmann wins down under!

The Last Days of Peter Bergmann
The Last Days of Peter Bergmann

It’s been a great start to the week with the news that the short documentary I cut ‘The Last Days of Peter Bergmann’ has won the Best Documentary Short Film Award at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), the largest film festival in the southern hemisphere. This is the second time the film has attained Oscar® eligibility through winning at an accredited international film festival.

The film’s director Ciaran Cassidy, said “We are honoured with the win in Melbourne and thrilled that it is connecting with an audience so far away from home. It’s a testament to the work of the team and everyone involved in making the film.”

The film which was produced by Morgan Bushe for Fastnet Films follows a man who arrived in Sligo in the summer of 2009. Over his final three days, he would go to great lengths to ensure no one would ever discover who he was or where he came from. The film which was funded as part of the Irish Film Boards Reality Bites Scheme has so far screened at over 25 festivals worldwide after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It has gone on to win the Audience Award at Stranger than Fiction, the Grand Jury Prize at Nashville Film Festival and the IFTA for Best Short Film.

MIFF is the largest film festival in both Australia and the southern hemisphere, and is Australia’s largest showcase of new Australian cinema. As of 2013, the festival is accredited by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Australian Film Institute and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

The films director, Ciaran Cassidy, is currently in pre production on feature documentary Jihad Jane: Dangerously Seeking Marriage, a film about three ‘fundamentalist terrorists’ seeking love and marriage in a one bedroom apartment in a small town in Ireland. The film will be produced by Fastnet Films along with Silverosa Film in Sweden and Helsinki Film in Finland.

Can You Feel It?

Here’s a short I worked on about a decade ago. I didn’t edit it, in fact I worked as Locations Manager on it. The Film was directed by Marissa O’Mahoney who was in college with me and the whole crew was basically a bunch of us from Chluain Mhuire. Myself, Maire and even my old apartment make a brief cameo in it and it stars my cousin Andrew Carney as a member of a boy band called “Four-ce”. I still have one of the bands t-shirts someplace.