No Messages

Last night I attended the first in a series of Movie Quiz Night’s to help raise funds for various film projects around Dublin. Last night we were there to support Cian McGarrigle in the funding of his film “No Messages”. There is a trailer for it below.

Cian had a successful night with about 20 tables turning up and raising some money for the film which hopes to start shooting in October. The film also has a fundit campaign which you can support here. Depending on your level of contribution, the fundit scheme offers a whole host of treats for the prospective investor. You can get your name in the credits or walk on parts, to featured parts and an executive producer credit.
Cian is an old college-mate of mine and a colleague in the world of editing. In the past he directed short films, music videos and advertisements, he has also written award winning plays and is an emerging stand-Up comedian.

Here’s some more info about the film straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

Set in The Thomas House – Dublin 8, No Messages follows one day in the life of Dave, a barman who’s stuck in emotional limbo. He’s expecting an important phone call but arrives at work to discover that not only has he left his phone at home but his boss is asleep behind the bar. So begins a long day of hangover cures, irritating regulars and attempts to keep the toilets “for customer use only”. And while Dave checks and rechecks his voicemail from the pub phone he finds that sometimes when you’re drifting aimlessly that much-needed kick up the arse can come when you least expect it. The soundtrack will include music by upcoming Irish bands including So Cow and Junior85.

Based on an idea conceived over pints one night in The Thomas House itself, No Messages is a short film whose script clocks in at 20 pages long. Too long for traditional funding routes we’ve decided to look for assistance from you (yes you reading this right now!) in getting it off the ground. And we want you to be part of the film too!

While we’ve managed to secure the services of many talented people so far who are willing to work for nothing, there are a lot of things that we just can’t manage to scrounge up for free so all the money raised will be used to rent the necessary camera and sound equipment, feed our hard-working no-pay crew and pay for the rest of the shoot’s expenses – including insurance, transport costs and marketing. After the film is shot the remaining money will be used to pay for post-production which will include renting an edit suite, getting a colour grade and sound mix done and also producing promotional DVDs and Blu-Rays to send out to festivals and to you, our funders. We plan to submit the film to all the major Irish film festivals, including Galway, Cork and Foyle as well as key international festivals.

The shoot will take place in late October and we plan to finish post-production by January 2012. The premiere will be held in a Dublin city centre location in February 2012.