Kara (Short)

2012 – Grand Boy Pictures – Dir: Traolach O’Murchu

Kara is a film I edited for the very talented director Traolach O’Murchu, he assembled something of a crack team to shoot the film for no money over a weekend and then passed it off to me to edit, and my buddy Shane Callan to do the grade. the film turned out very well we feel.

Best Drama, Underground Short Film Festival, Cork 2013
Jury Prize, Best Short – Hamilton Film Festival 2012
Best Actress, Bootleg Film Festival 2013

Clones Film Festival 2012
Dun Laoighaire Underground Film Festival 2012
Hamilton Film Festiva, Ontario, Canada 2012
Scared Shortless, Beatyard Festival, 2012
Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland 2013
Galway Film Fleadh, 2013
Underground Short Film Festival, Cork 2013
Waterford Film Festival, 2013

Further to that heres a Director’s Statement from the man himself…
At the heart of this story is the idea that the sins of the Catholic Church in Ireland is holding a mirror up to Irish society as a whole. In the wake of the clerical child abuse scandals the country continues to struggle with it’s formerly unshakable faith. Another door – a door into the family home – must now be opened and a dark corridor entered. As a country we must begin to come to terms with this reality, a reality that is shared with societies around the world. I hope that this film will encourage those who view it to think and to talk about this uncomfortable aspect of society.

My aim with this piece of work was to engage in an original way with film to provoke thought and discussion about a subject that is at risk of becoming more ignored the more it continues to be highlighted.


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