Mabinog/Power Pictures – 2005

Dir: David Power
Prod: Yvonne McMahon, David Power

Loose was an interesting one. It was the first DVD I cut for Tommy and I had to do it twice. He first filmed the show in April but didn’t finish the tour until September. In those intervening months, his show had changed considerably so he didn’t want the April show to be the definitive record of that tour. So because Tommy was being filmed for a RTE tv show, we decided to try and cut together eight or nine different performances that were filmed for the show. It was an interesting way of editing a show together as we were cutting between one camera setups and in some place six camera setups, so we had to find a balance. Overall it worked quite well and Tommy was right, it was a much better record of the show then the April show, which I guess will just have to go down as his lost dvd!