The Last Days of Peter Bergmann (Short)

Dir: Ciaran Cassidy. Fastnet Films 2013
IFB-Reality Bites


IFTA, Best Short Film 2014

Melbourne International Film Festival, Best Short Doc 2014
Nashville Film Festival, Documentary short Winner.
IFI Stranger Than Fiction Audience Award Winner 2013
Camden Film Festival, Short Doc Award, 2014
Milwaukee Film Festival, Special Jury Award, 2014


Grand Prix Irish, Cork Film Festival 2013
Sundance Film Fest, Grand Jury Prize, 2014
Sheffield International Doc Fest, Best Short Doc 2014


The Last days of Peter Bergmann tells the story of a man calling himself Peter Bergmann who arrived in Sligo Town in the summer of 2009. Over his final three days, he went to great lengths to make sure that no one would ever know who he was or where he came from.

The Film has twice qualified for Oscar eligibility and on winning the prestigious Melbourne IFF award, the jury had this to say about it.

“Ciaran Cassidy taps the voyeur in all of us with his masterful appropriation of hours of compelling CCTV footage that track a tantalising incomplete picture of The Last Days of Peter Bergmann. Coupled with a series of compelling interviews, Cassidy manages to invert the mystery genre from whodunnit to why. Meticulously researched, this is a riveting ride that leaves the audience rooted to their seats as they act out the role of both spy and detective.”


IFI Stranger Than Fiction 2013
Cork Film Festival,Ire, 2013
Sundance Film Festival 2014
True/False Festival, Missouri 2014
Future Shorts, Dublin, Ire, 2014
Nashville Int Film Festival,TS 2014
Rincon Film Festival, Puerto Rico 2014
Arizona International Film Festival 2014
Dingle Int Film Festival,Ire, 2014
Sundance-London, UK, 2014
Docaviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2014
Filmatic, Festival, San Diego, CA, 2014
Dokuma, Makaska, Croatia, 2014
LA Film Fest, Los Angelos, 2014
Seattle Independent Film Festival, WA, 2014
Sheffield Doc Fest, UK, 2014
Les Nuits En Or- Panorama, Paris, France, 2014
Peace & Love Film Festival, Dalarna, Sweeden, 2014
Irish Film Festival, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2014
Topanga Film Festival,CA, 2014
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 2014
Sky Road Film Festival, Clifden, 2014
San Francisco Irish Film Festival,CA, 2014
Louisville IF Film, KY, 2014
Milano Film Festival, Italy, 2014
Athens International Film Festival, 2014
Milwaukee Film Festival, 2014
Camden Film Festival, Maine, 2014
Tallgrass Film Festival, Wichita, KS, 2014
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, AW, 2014
IDFA, Amsterdam, 2014
Alcine Film Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2014
Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival, Tehrain, Iran, 2014
Future Shorts Winter 2014 – Lithuania, London, Sofia, Warsaw, Barcelona
Tampere Film Festival, Nigeria, 2015
Portland Film Festival, Oregan, 2015
Dublin Doc Fest, Ireland, 2015


Director: Ciaran Cassidy
Producer:Morgan Bushe
Director of Photography: Kate McCullough
Editor: John Murphy
Sound: Guillaume Beauron
Music: Jack Quilligan, David Cantan
Researcher: Colum McKeown
Prod Manager: Aoife McGonigal

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