Mobs Cheanada

2011 – Abu Media /TG4

Dir: Dathai Keane
Prod: Eileen Seoige
Camera: Colm Hogan
Sound: Bob Brennan
Editor: John Murphy

IFTA Nominated 2012 Best Documentary Series
IFTA Nominated 2012
Best Documentary Series



Following on from the success of the award winning Mobs Mheiriceá, Mobs Cheanada delves into the

fascinating stories of Irish-Canadian Gangsters and mobsters from over the last century.




The Series begins with the story of one of the most infamous and controversial events in Canadian history -The story of the Donnelly family, or ‘The Black Donnellys’.

Episode 2 tells the story of the daring Rumrunner Ben Kerr who was known as the ‘King of the Lake Ontario Rumrunners’ until his mysterious death on Lake Ontario in 1929.

The story of John ‘Red’ Hamilton, an Irish-Canadian bank-robber who throughout the 1930’s acted as right hand man to the notorious John Dillinger. Dillinger is told in Episode 3.

Episode 4 covers the story of The Stopwatch Gang – In the 1970’s The Stopwatch Gang, led by Irish-Canadians Paddy Mitchell and Stephen Reid, became the most notorious crew of bank-robbers operating in North America.

For the fifth episode the series travels to Montreal to tell the story of the West End Gang and its leader Frank ‘Dunie’ Ryan.

And In the final episode International Drug Smuggler Brian O’ Dea tells us his own story in an Exclusive Interview.

8 thoughts on “Mobs Cheanada

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  5. Hi there any idea if this series and the one on Irish American mobsters is available to buy on D.v.d or is it going to be available anytime soon?Many thanks Dunc Mac

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