Carbon Films – 2010 – Dir: PJ Dillon

IFTA Nominated in three categories 2011. Winner Best Actress

Rewind is a feature film directed by PJ Dillon and produced by John Wallace and Alex Jones. I was brought in as the second of two Editors to cut the film.
The film is a dark psychological thriller and stars Amy Huberman and Alan Leech. The film had its world premiere at the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh where it went down really well and it was reviewed by the Irish Times critic Donald Clark who had this to say about it.

“Do you fancy yet more sinister goings on in further windswept, leafless country roads? If so, you might wish to seek out PJ Dillon’s fine debut as a feature director. Rewind stars Amy Huberman as a former alcoholic – now married to a suburban money-bags – whose life comes to shreds when a dangerous old boyfriend saunters back into town. Co- written by Ronan Carr, creator of the much-loved short Coolockland, Rewind has just enough story to occupy its lean 80 minutes: the reformed character is lured away for an ill-fated road trip. Rewind is, however, particularly remarkable for Dillon’s own flinty cinematography and for two fine lead performances. Huberman, shaky, mad-eyed and icy, confirms that – all that Bod-marrying noted – she fully deserves fame in her own right. Playing the bad penny, Allen Leach, hitherto cheekily charming in Man About Dog and Cowboys and Angels , demonstrates an unsuspected ability to lurk with menacing intent. The picture deserves to be seen commercially.”

The Film was reviewed by Mike Sheridan of who had this to say about it.
Read the full review here

A tight and efficient thriller with a wonderful lead performance from Amy Huberman, Rewind takes its time letting you get to know its characters, before slowly bleeding crucial backstory. Credit to cinematographer-turned-helmer PJ Dillon for having the self-assurance to build the atmosphere to boiling point before revealing hidden agendas.

Whatever about its flaws, there’s no doubting that for the most part, Rewind is a winning thriller. And for a country that has produced so many A-list male movies stars, it’s about time we had a lady hit similar pay dirt – step forward Amy Huberman.

In January 2010, the film received three IFTA Nominations, for director PJ Dillon, actress Amy Huberman and for its Sound Design. Amy Huberman went onto pick up the gong.

The film’s imdb page is here and its facebook page here

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