On The Fly

Loosehorse – Setanta – 2010

This is a six part series for Setanta for which I edited five of them. The production company was loosehorse and it was directed by five different people who all brought something interesting to each episode, Peter Murphy, Sarah Barrow, Des Henderson, Ross Whitaker and Joe Farrell. I had a tremendous amount of fun editing this series and I am quiet rightly proud of the show.

Stunning landscapes and classic characters come together in a fascinating look into one of Ireland’s most popular pastimes.

Leading chefs take to the rivers and lakes to learn how to fly fish. If they succeed in making a catch, they serve it up in their own style.

Each episode features a different chef exploring the art of fly fishing, as well as a different part of Ireland.

Video clips to follow after they have finished their first TV Run.

Episode 1
The first programme features chef Kevin Thornton (Thorntons, Dublin) as he spends time on Lough Corrib during the mayfly season to catch a trout. His first trip in blazing sunshine makes for a pleasant boat trip but poor fishing, and his second trip brews up a storm.

Episode 2
Anita Thoma (Il Primo, Dublin) goes west to Ballina, Co. Mayo for the salmon festival and the challenge of catching the king of fish. Anita tries a number of junctures of the river Moy as the festival celebrates this majestic fishing area.

Episode 3
Kevin Dundon (Dunbrody House, Waterford) who left his native Dublin to set up a country manor in Waterford comes back to Dublin to fish. He goes out on the Dodder river to catch trout, as well as fly fishing along the Dublin coastline.

Episode 4
Derry Clarke (L’Ecrivain) heads to Waterville, Co. Kerry to try his hand at fly fishing for sea bass. A popular fish in trendy Dublin restaurants it’s a challenge to catch on the fly. Recent restrictions on catching seabass have helped increase stocks of sea bass of the Irish coast.

Episode 5
Neven Maguire (Macnean House, Cavan) travels from the north west to the midlands in search of pike. A popular fish in other parts of Europe, Irish people are not comfortable eating pike. Neven learns the craft of flyfishing on Lake Derravaragh, Co. Westmeath. One of the most well known of Irish chefs, the crowds gather to taste Neven’s pike dish.

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