Welcome To My World

2010 – Loosehorse – RTE – Director: Bob O’Brien

Apoorv Vyas, a young Indian man living in Ireland, travels home to India with his manager Gemma Kelly. Gemma, a 33 year old Dubliner and mother of two, left school and home at 15 and has rarely travelled. Two years ago, Gemma changed her lifestyle and lost 9 stone in the process. This journey to India is part of that change and is something her old self never would have considered.

I just worked on this one episode of a very good series after the original Editor attached had to leave because of the birth of his son. So I was drafted in and I really enjoyed it, the episode is full of colour and life and it shows an India that you don’t expect.


One thought on “Welcome To My World

  1. Hey John thanks for sharing this. Do you know where I could get an online version of the whole episode. Thanks Gemma Kelly

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