9/11 The Days After

9/11 – The Days After

I worked on this while spending the summer of 2011 in New York. The film, “9/11 The Days After” was made by New Animal Productions, who won an Emmy as well as a host of other awards for the film “102 Minutes that changed America” to which this new film is the sequel. The film was edited by Emmy award winning Editor Seth Skundrick, for whom it was a real privilege to work for. The man is, in editing terms a genius. I’m really proud to have been involved even in a small way with this astounding film.

The film premiered in a commercial free presentation on the History Channel on the ten year anniversary of 9/11. Here’s what the Washington Post said about it. “Easily my favourite viewing experience in everything I watched…A unique tapestry of the feel and movement of Sept.11 and the week that followed”

And heres what the L.A.Times had to say “If I were going to recommend only one of these programs. it has to be History Channel;s “9/11: the DAYS AFTER” It does not tell you what to think or feel…and puts you, as much as possible, into the place and time. It is hard to watch, and impossible to turn off.”

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