2014 Square One Productions/TG4
Dir: Shane Tobin
Cam: Cathal Watters

The documentary looks at the trailblazing West Cork man who invented modern wrestling. O’Mahoney wrestled in sold out arenas all over the USA and the man from Ballydehob became a global superstar and a shining example of the Irish in American culture during the 1920s and 30s.

Producer/ Director Shane Tobin said: “Danno was plucked from the Irish army in 1933 and within a year was a household name in the USA with a $100,000 contract when most Irish people could never dream of that sort of wealth. He was the fore father of what we know as professional wrestling nowadays with all its glitz and glamour. Back then it was taken more serious, but it was still show-business and Danno was a superstar as the archive in this piece shows. His bouts were worldwide news and offered hope to a changing Ireland gripped in the 30s. His homecoming in 1936 is surreal, it had thousands follow him around Cork with the worlds media which followed him throughout his visit which we showcase in our piece.”

This documentary remembers O’Mahoney and shows Irish audiences his exploits for the first time ever through exclusive archive footage, interviews and dramatic reconstructions.

“Danno” was commissioned by Proinsias Ní Ghráinne for TG4. It was filmed on location in Ballydehob, West Cork and Dublin and edited by John Murphy. Cathal Watters was the DOP on the project shooting on the Red Epic with Red Lens. All post production was handled by Reelgood.

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