During the summer of 2011, I was fortunate to spend some time living and working in Brooklyn. Whilst there I met up with New Yorker Patrick O’Neill, someone who I knew through mutual friends. As it turned out he had moved to Williamsburg after a decade in Manhattan a few weeks before I arrived and we ended up living less then two blocks from each other and we became good friends. He asked me to help create some visuals for his music and below is the first of those collaborations.

Bubble Chamber – PoN

The clips come form the movie “Cosmos – War of the Planets”, an Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring John Richardson, released in 1977. It is considered a remake of the 1965 film Planet of the Vampires. The movie has been made public domain. Howard Hughes criticizes the movie in every respect, stating, “Cosmos is the most consistent Italian sci-fi movie: script, special effects, costumes, music, and acting are all terrible.”

3 thoughts on “PoN

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  3. Thank you John for the collaboration. That summer was memorable, Budapest was equally memorable. It was for your hard work and talent.

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