Faceless Monsters

Today marks the Galway launch of ‘Faceless Monsters’, the new collection of short stories by ‘The Atlantis Collective’ of which my girlfriend is a member. This is their second collection after last years ‘Town of Fiction’ and the new book which I got a sneak peek of last night is a marked improvement. Not only have the quality of the stories improved but also the layout and presentation of the book is far superior to last years. There is a very nice foreword by guest editor Nuala Ni Chonchúir which explains what the collective is about, something I felt was sorely lacking in last years edition. The typeset is quite large but I think that its acceptable as it makes the book heavier and it looks like a proper collection.
As far the stories themselves, well the authors have definitely matured, as the string of competition success that various members have garnered indicates but if you really want to find out you’ll just have to buy the book. Copies will be on sale down at the launch in Massimo’s tonight from 6 and from then on at the collectives website and from Charley Byrnes

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