Martin McGagh’s Photographs

I got a call earlier today from Martin McGagh, a good friend of mine whom I hadn’t talked to since he left Galway over a year ago.
Martin is an exceptionally good cameraman with whom I have worked with as well as someone I went to college with and hung out with at various stages in Galway. He shot large portions of my film Shtax as well as working on Killinaskully and many other projects with me. During our conversation I was delighted to learn that recently Martin has been devoting more time to his photography, something which he says himself he had neglected. You can see some of his truly great work here.
Nice One Martin.

2 thoughts on “Martin McGagh’s Photographs

  1. You forgot to mention that Martin shot my fantastic short. (I think you tried to rush over it with the ‘many other projects’ line…)

    Anyways good to see him, and me, doing so well.

  2. Mark, I think people are fed up hearing me talk about ‘Murray’ and how great it is. I think they’d rather hear about Shtax, I hardly ever mention that.

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