Something to do in Dublin tonight

I think i know a thing or two about shameless plugs but even I blushed at this one. My friend Mark Keane is launching his new night upstairs in Anseo tonight from 9. Dublin’s scenester bible ‘le cool’ suggested it as one of the places to head to this weekend. The recommendation was written by Mark Keane. Nice.

Here is what Mark had to say about his own night.

It was in the white heat of an ATP chalet party that an idea was forged. “You know what Dublin really needs?” “What?” “A night where two guys play records!” And so an audacious plan was hatched, an identity was conceived, a room was found, a name was given, a sweet poster was designed, a Facebook event was created, another Facebook had to be created because the first one didn’t work and everyone got spammed twice (sorry!), a blurb was written, a blurb was re-written, a catch phase was coined that would vaguely hint at the evening’s untethered music policy – (“Go Bang is where Oneohtrix Point Never and Steely Dan get picked up from after school”) – a sigh was breathed, a crowd…….came? /

If you are in Dublin tonight, you should go along. It’ll be fun but beware of hipsters, they’ll be out in force no doubt.

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