Happy Birthday

Ciaran wishes me well

So this site is one year old today. I think its been quite successful, it has helped me get work and I think helped my work get seen. I’ve had to adapt to become comfortable with the self promotion side of things but overall this has been a really good experience.
So here are some facts about my first year in office.
The most viewed page was about The Naked Election and the least was this piece on Danny Huston which only one person bothered to read.
The most common searches used to get to my blog were “john murphy editor” which is a good sign I guess followed by “Seachtar na Casca on DVD”
Amongst the most interesting searches were “Lorraine Keane nude”, “Ciaran Murphy girlfriend” and “Paul Fullard Organist”

The most commonly viewed video on my vimeo page was the John Moriarty clip, my acting debut in Fear an Phoist and the start of mumblecore Mark Keane’s seminal middle-brow film “It’s Just You Murray”

The site got just over 7000 hits in the year thats an average of around 20 per day. So thank you all for passing by and keep coming back

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