Not a good launch then…

So during the last week Apple released Final Cut Pro X and its pretty safe to say it did not go down so well. In what appears to be a move away from their base of professional editors towards the consumer market, it has abandoned a lot of the pro features which are needed in a broadcast environment. When I watched the video introduction on the apple website, my jaw hit the floor, they have totally re-imagined how editing is to be done and not in a good way. Editors are now faced with learning a new system or just switching over to Avid or Premier Pro, which both adhere to how NLE have traditional worked.

To get a sense of the reaction check out the comments on the bottom of this NY Times review. One of the leading lights in the FCP Training profession wrote this well reasoned response to the NYTimes article

I’m sure Apple will sort it out with future releases and I’ll probably have no choice but to learn it but it’s been a long time since Apple have had such an emphatic negative reaction to one of its products.

The debate about how much of a disaster it is even made it onto Conan last night. This is a furore over a piece of editing software remember…

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