Young People of Galway, I love you…

It’s that time of year again, the Galway Film Fleadh.
But whats this, I’m remarkably sober and have had a decent amount of sleep. How is that possible, well i’m living in New York this year and I am missing my first fleadh in 8 or so years. I’m certain however that my absence isn’t too keenly felt, safe in the knowledge that there are others to take my drunken place.
My fleadh ritual is a tradition as old as time itself.
Firstly i would loudly enthuse about all the excellent films on at this years fleadh and what an interesting and dynamic programme it is
Secondly I would completely forget to buy any tickets and not see any movies (this reached its nadir several years ago when the only films I saw during the fleadh were “What Women Want” and “Rambo 2” on tv)
Thirdly I would desperately try not to head down to the rowing club every night of the week and inevitably fail. Here I would meet someone whose name I really should remember but can’t, wonder whats going on in the other parts of the bar and answer and ask the same three questions all night.
Lastly I would stumble into bed at an ungodly hour, promising myself I’d make it up for the shorts programme in the morning only to sleep in and end up watching a 1970’s disaster movie on itv instead before beginning at step 3 all over again.

Anyway to the people I’m not seeing this week enjoy the fleadh, see you all again soon, by which i mean next years fleadh…

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