A very TG4 Christmas

This christmas was really bad in terms of television, very little to get excited about. RTE showed independence day on christmas day and I can’t believe they couldn’t come up with something better then that. Seriously, Who hasn’t seen it? The British channels weren’t much better, in fact the only station to come up with anything worth watching was TG4. As well as some interesting films they also showed some very good documentaries putting their rivals in montrose to shame. There were documentaries on Ray MacNally, Luke Kelly, Micheal O’Domhnaill, Brendan O’Hehir all of which were done to a pretty high standard. They can all be watched on the tg4 player under the documentaries tab here
Also on over the Christmas period on TG4 was “Michael D – Ras go dti an aras” which was directed by David Power and edited by James Dalton. I did some additional editing on this while they were in the flurry of shooting just to help David out as he was filming. It was a really exciting project to be involved with and it was a pity I couldn’t do more because of schedules but I really enjoyed the final product. James Dalton is one of the best editors we have in this country and it showed, it was really well put together and it was also beautifully shot by Philip Graham. If you get the chance you should check it out on the TG4 player.

UPDATE: The Michael D doc is repeated on Jan 5th at 9:30

One thought on “A very TG4 Christmas

  1. Ah, the old fashioned shtick of set schedules that people study and then choose from is dead – nowadays it’s a question of individuals choosing individual programmes from a sea not a schedule

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