Music Video by PoN

This is a music video I made for the track “Bubble Chamber” by Brooklyn based musician PoN. Visit his sound cloud here

The clips come form the movie “Cosmos – War of the Planets”, an Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring John Richardson, released in 1977. It is considered a remake of the 1965 film Planet of the Vampires. The movie has been made public domain. Howard Hughes criticizes the movie in every respect, stating, “Cosmos is the most consistent Italian sci-fi movie: script, special effects, costumes, music, and acting are all terrible.”

That may all be true, I wasn’t watching it for the performances, just to steal shots and I think it suits the video well.

One thought on “Music Video by PoN

  1. Seventiestastic John,
    I absolutely love it when two talented people I know end up collaborating on artistic endeavours (as opposed to drinking endeavours). 😀

    Unfortunate video suggestion by Youtube mid right of the grid once the video ends. “Whine pon di…” what?

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