Emmy Nomination…not really but sort of

The nominations for the News and Documentary Emmys were announced this morning in America. Crossing the Line Films in Dublin received two nominations for its documentary Broken Tail which has garnered high praise and multiple awards all over the world. Its a great achievement for an Irish company. Congratulations to everyone involved

The nominations were exciting to me for another reason. Last summer, I spent six weeks or so doing some additional editing work on a documentary called 9/11: The Days After. I had the pleasure of working with multiple Emmy nominated Editor Seth Skundrick, the project was a beast and Seth after spending the best part of 6 months on this show needed some help sifting through stuff and editing sequences and trying out some ideas.

So that is what I was doing, some of my stuff survived through to the final cut, not much but I didn’t expect it to and was delighted to claim involvement in any part of it. Especially as the film is superb. I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching a ten minute chunk of it for the first time and Seth asking me what I thought of it, not only were the ten minutes flawless, brilliantly put together, highly emotive and effecting it left me with this terrible feeling in my stomach that no matter how far I’ve think I have come as an editor. I have a LONG was to go, I mean i still don’t know how he did some of the things he did in that film.

Its an incredible tour de fource of editing. It would appear that I’m not the only one to think so, as Seth has been nominated for outstanding editing in a documentary for his work on the film. I’ll have my fingers crossed for him on the big day.

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