10 Questions for John Murphy

I’m very honoured to have been asked to do an interview with editing blog Frame of Reference. The site, run by Jamaican editor Twain Richardson, features a whole host of editors giving their answers to a set of ten questions. The interviews offer a fascinating insight into the working methods of editors from all over the world, how much we differ but ultimately how similar we all are.

My interview is as you would expect pretty explosive stuff. The headline news from it is propably when I reveal my love for the BBC series “Who Do You Think You Are”.

You can read that and the rest of the interview here

If you are in any way interested in post production you should also check out what other editors had to say as the blog is a great resource.

I have to thank Des Doyle, director of Showrunners for taking the photograph of me. I look pretty weird but not as weird as usual so I’ll take that!

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