Analogue People in a Digital Age

Twopair Films based in Crusheen, Co. Clare are to premiere their short film ANALOGUE PEOPLE IN A DIGITAL AGE at the Stranger than Fiction Documentary festival on the 28th September in the IFI, Dublin. 
Directed by Keith Walsh and produced by Jill Beardsworth, the 13 minute film is set in Johnny Walsh’s pub in Gort on the day of the analogue/digital switchover last October.


As the analogue age draws to a close, eight men sit at the bar battling to remain relevant in the digital world; the TV in the corner a harbinger of this technological future. Conversations about life, death and quantum physics mix with pints to create a surreal document of the switchover day. The characters in the film are not concerned with Big Data, Google Glass, smart phones or mp3’s. They are tuned to a different frequency, caught between two worlds.


Taking inspiration from that little piece of information that is lost in the transfer from analogue to digital, the film seeks to examine who and what is lost in the relentless rush forward.


The setting of the Irish pub is pertinent as it is itself a symbol of an analogue world that is in danger of being lost in modern society. The film essentially becomes a poetic, allegorical study of people at a certain time and place. The digital represents modernity, change and progress. The analogue represents the past and tradition. The difference between the two is what the film is about. It is about the characters that are living an analogue life in a digital world. 
As one of the characters says: “It’s the not so straight and the not so perfect that is the lovely thing of life”

The documentary will be screened with three other shorts, including The Last Days of Peter Bergmann and is part of the Irish Film Board’s Reality Bites scheme that aims to foster new Irish talent and encourage experimentation and the realisation of fresh approaches to non-fiction filmmaking.

Twopair Films are releasing five trailers, this week from Monday to Friday, on their Facebook page, on Twitter and also on their Vimeo account in the week leading up to the premiere in Dublin.

I was an associate editor on this project.

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