Trench – A film by Brian Rossney seeks funding…

My buddy Brian Rossney is making a film and looking for funding from crowd sourcing website fundit. Brian and I worked together in the Galway Film Centre many moons ago and he’s a very talented guy. I’ve read the script for this and I think it’s going to be great.

you can help the film here, please do…

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Here’s the pitch

‘Trench’ is a 15 minute short film from the perspective on an Irish soldier. Brady, played by award winning Mark O’ Halloran (Adam & Paul) is a brilliant marksman who finds himself alienated amongst a predominantly British battalion. As the sun begins to rise, he pins down a young and disturbed German soldier with rifle fire and forces him out into ‘No Mans Land’. In an ironic twist of fate, he finds himself in the same place as the German he was trying to kill earlier.


‘Trench’ tells the story of a friendship between two soldiers who don’t speak the same language but share the lack of will to fight each other.

Due to be completed in time for the festivals in 2014 (WW1 Centenary), ‘Trench’ will be beautifully shot on a Red Epic and enhanced with stunning visual effects from a production crew with decades of commercial and film experience.

Written and directed by Brian Rossney who has worked as a visual effects artist, editor and commercials director, ‘Trench’ has caught the attention of a great film crew and cast who are committed to making this film.  Cathal Watters, who recently shot a feature ‘Wild’ for Robert Walpole (I went down, Shrooms) will be filming ‘Trench’ on a Red Epic (as used on ‘The Hobbit’.)

Much of the budget required will be for costumes, set construction, additional camera equipment, special effects, and marketing the film to ensure it gets picked up by festivals and broadcasters around the globe.

There’s only so much we can do with our crew, equipment and talent to give this short film the quality that one would expect from a high class feature film.  We need you to help with some of the costs to ensure that this film gets made in time and to a standard that the screenplay deserves.

With the Irish theme and a release date due for the 100th anniversary of the bloodiest, hellish warfare in history, ‘Trench’ is destined to achieve international attention.

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