Trailer for Páidí Ó Sé – Rí an Pharóiste

Paidi O'Se pic 1
2013 Magamedia/TG4 Dir:Louise Ni Fhiannachta

The trailer for an exciting new documentary about Kerry footballing legend Páidí Ó Sé which I cut earlier this year was released yesterday. The film was a lot of fun to work on and I can’t wait for people to see it. The programme has gotten a great slot on Christmas Day, so if you’re not too full or too drunk please do tune in!

TX: 22.20 Christmas Day (25/12/13) on TG4

Páidí Ó Sé – Rí an Pharóiste tells the story of the footballing legend, showman and the man considered by many to be the uncrowned king of his native parish of Ventry. This creative documentary is a personal account and portrait of Páidí’s life story, as told from the perspective of his own rural Gaeltacht community and authored by one of his neighbours, Louise Ní Fhiannachta, as she embarks on a personal voyage of discovery to attempt to come to grips with her own hero while also exploring the importance we vest in receiving recognition from our own people.

Páidí was an infamous figure, as a Kerry defender, and in later years as manager of the county team. He was a passionate, brave, tenacious and charismatic character who regularly attracted controversy. From a young age, Páidí was cast as a hero who then took the necessary steps to greatness in order to achieve his ambition. The outpouring of tributes following his death in December 2012 was evidence that the whole country felt they knew Páidí – the hero, the character and the sporting personality. But there was much more depth to his intricate and sensitive soul…

Kerry v Dublin - All Ireland Football Championship Final

In this creative documentary film, Páidí Ó Sé’s true nature will be revealed by those closest to him. This film also explores the concept of heroism and the importance of receiving recognition from our own tribe in the context of Páidí’s life and story – the pressure on the hero’s shoulders, the culture of weakness as a flaw, the soul searching that begins once the star of fame has fallen.

Much has been said about this man in the media, by onlookers – but this personal portrait will tell Páidí’s story from the inside, from the heart of the parish, from his own people….
Contributors include Páidí’s wife Máire Uí Shé and their children Neasa, Siún & Pádraig Óg; childhood and lifelong friends Muiris Ó Fiannachta, Joe Bán Ó Sé & Seán Ó Catháin; brother Tom Ó Sé; nephew Feargal Ó Sé and close friends Mícheál Ó Sé & Peter Ó Fiannachta.

Dir: Louise Ni Fhiannachta
Prod: Laura Ni Cheallaigh
Editor: John Murphy
Camera: Colm Hogan
Sound: Bob Brennan, Mark Henry

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