Showrunners Panel at the Television Acaademy

Showrunners is on release at the moment and has gone down an absolute storm, everyone involved with the film is absolutely delighted with the response. Often when you cut something you’ve no idea if people will like it or indeed if they’ll even watch the finished product. So it was great to see so much positive feed back for the film online over the weekend. The film is the number on watched film on itunes over the weekend in the states and that is incredible. I’ll collate some of the responces to the film in a later post.

You can watch the film here
Volta in Ireland
Itunes in the US/Canada
Itunes in the UK

In the meantime, heres the Q&A that accompanied the film’s premiere at the prestigious Academy of Television in Los Angeles. Several of the Showrunners featured in the film contributed for a lively and very funny conversation about the film and their job. It is well worth a watch, plus you get to see some exclusive clips from the film.

Its also really interesting to see how Americans really struggle to pronounce the name Des…

It won’t embed correctly but you can follow the link to here


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