Great response to ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’

the tommy tiernan show
There was a fantastic reaction to the first episode of the ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’ which aired last Saturday on RTE One. It was a big hit with audiences and critics alike, with the Irish Independent saying ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show has shaped up into the best Irish chat show in years

Brian Lloyd from said ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’ flies in the face of several conventions of chat show TV. For one, Tommy Tiernan never knows who’s coming out to talk to him. This means every single one of his questions is on the fly, as he reacts and thinks of them, allowing for a more natural flow of conversation. So often, chat shows are remembered by the moments in which there’s an off-kilter moment that nobody plans for. A question will be asked that sparks an unexpected response, a joke may not land in the way it’s expected, or even an audience reaction will be provoked when unintended.’The Tommy Tiernan Show’ lives in that zone in every episode, allowing for an authentic experience that is so desperately lacking in most TV today.

Peter Crowley in The Irish Times said of the shows premise ‘The effect is electric, not because it is a masterclass in improvisation, but for the same reason a tightrope walker becomes more riveting without a safety net. More to the point, this is how people reveal themselves; not in prepared confessions but by gradually discarding their carapaces, not in straight lines but circles.In Tiernan, they all find someone who seems a rare breed in contemporary talk shows – a genuine listener. What does it say about the format, that this refreshing approach seems like the riskiest strategy of all?’

The show got a great response on Twitter as well and have collated some of the best reactions here

Rome v Republic airs tonight at 10:10

New work on TV Alert!
Rome V Republic, examines the relationship between Church and state in Ireland from the time of Wolfe Tone, through independence and into the modern era. Presented by former Minister for Justice Michael McDowell it airs tonight on RTE One at 10:10pm.

I was delighted to edit this documentary for director Niamh Sammon. It was produced by Lucia Gavin and Yvonne Nolan, the film was shot by Richard Kendrick and scored by Nick Norton-Smith
I’m very proud of this one.

Tir Eoghain nominated for Celtic Media Festival

Delighted that Tír Eoghain: The Unbreakable Bond has been nominated for the Best Sports Documentary at the 2019 Celtic Media Festival to be held this June in Aviemore, Scotland.

Programmes Ive edited have had some success in this category over the last five years with Páidá Ó’Sé, Arkle, Rás Tailtean and Crash and Burn all winning in the last five years. It would be great to add Tír Eoghain to this list as I’m incredible proud of it and I had a great time cutting it with director Declan McGrath and producer Michael O’Maille.

The competition is very competitive this year so lets see!

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 19.39.17

The full list of nominees in all categories is available here.

My Broken Brain airs RTE ONE 9:35

Over 700,000 people in Ireland suffer from some form of neurological condition. As this number is set to increase as the population ages, the importance of brain research cannot be underestimated. Over the course of this programme, we follow patients experiencing four such conditions; Epilepsy, Motor Neurone Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease – as they undergo testing, surgery and treatment.

IFTA Nominated

Delighted to have been nominated for an Editing IFTA for my work on ‘Giles’

That show is also nominated for best Sports Programme.

Also nominated in that category is ‘Crash and Burn’ which I also cut.

Looking forward to a great night with lots of my pals!


Full list of nominations…


Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge (Mind the Gap)
Dancing with the Stars (ShinaWil)
Ireland’s Got Talent (Kite Entertainment/Green Inc Film and TV)
The Tommy Tiernan Show (Power Pictures)


Bridget & Eamon (Pureclass Productions/RTE)
Derry Girls (Hat Trick / Channel 4)
Mrs Brown’s Boys (BOC Productions / BBC/RTE)
The Young Offenders (Vico Films/ BBC3/RTE)


Creedon’s Shannon (RTE Cork)
Hector Central (Good Company Productions/TV4)
Room to Improve (Coco Television)
Schizophrenia: The Voices in My Head (Frontline Films)


Éire Fhiáin An Cósta Thiar (Crossing the Line / TG4)
John Connors: The Travellers (Scratch Films / RTE)
Keeping Ireland Alive – The Health Service In a Day (IndiePics / RTE)
The Zoo TV Series (Moondance / RTE)


Autism and Me (Firebrand / RTE)
The Great Irish Sell-Off (RTÉ Factual)
Pearl Harbor – The Heroes Who Fought Back (360 Productions/Discovery)
Shaw: My Astonishing Self (Animo TV / RTE)
We Need to Talk about Dad (Waka TV/RTE)


Fair City (RTE)
Red Rock (TV3)
Ros na Rún (TG4)


Cathy Belton – Red Rock (TV3)
Sharon Horgan – Catastrophe ((Merman & Avalon TV / Channel 4))
Seana Kerslake – Can’t Cope Won’t Cope (Deadpan Productions / RTE)
Saoirse-Monica Jackson – Derry Girls (Hat Trick/Channel 4)
Hilary Rose – Young Offenders (Vico Films / BBC3/RTE)


Sean McGinley, Fir Bolg (Dearg Films / TG4)
Chris Newman, Red Rock (TV3)
Brendan O’Carroll, Mrs Brown’s Boys (BOC Productions for BBC/RTE)
Tommy Tiernan, Derry Girls (Hat Trick / Channel 4)
Chris Walley, The Young Offenders (Vico Films/ BBC3/RTE)


Big Week on the Farm (IndiePics/RTE)
Storm Ophelia: A 3 News Special (TV3)
TG4XX BEO (Gifted Empire/TG4)
Weather Live (Loosehorse/RTE)


First Dates Ireland (Coco TV / RTE)
Francis Brennan’s Grand Vietnamese Tour (Waddell Media / RTE)
Gogglebox Ireland (Kite Entertainment / TV3)
Painting the Nation (IndiePics / RTE)


Aerial Ireland (Tile Films / Smithsonian)
Fairytale of New York (RTE)
Portrait of a Gallery (Wildfire Productions / RTE)
Wild Ireland – The Edge of the World (Crossing the Line / BBC NI/TG4)


Anthony Foley: Munsterman (Wildfire Productions / RTE)
Crash and Burn (DotTV/RTE)
Giles ( Loosehorse/RTE)
Pull Like A Dog (Wildfire/RTE)


BBC NI Spotlight – The Nama Tapes: Corruption
Claire Byrne Live (RTE)
RTE Investigates – Nightmare to Let
The Tonight Show (TV3)


BBC Newsline
Brexit Gets Triggered : A 3 News Special
RTE Six One News


Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes (Firebrand/RTE)
Drop Dead Weird (Telegael/RTE)
Is Eolaí Mé (Meangadh Fíbín TG4)
Lurgan 2K17 (Iris Productions /TG4)


The Day Henry Met (Wigglywoo)
Lily’s Driftwood Bay (Sixteen South)
Little Roy (Jam Media)
Vampirina (Brown Bag)


Fir Bolg (Dearg Films / TG4)
Frank O’Connor Idir Dhá Shruth (Animo TV/TG4)
Rocky Ros Muc (Below the Radar)
Ros na Run (EO Teilifis/Tyrone Productions / TG4)


Cathy Brady, Can’t Cope Won’t Cope (Deadpan Productions /RTE)
Jason Butler, Bridget and Eamon (Pureclass Productions / RTE)
Diarmuid Goggins, Red Rock (TV3)
Peter Foott, The Young Offenders (Vico Films / BBC3/RTE)


Sharon Horgan, Catastrophe (Merman & Avalon TV / Channel 4)
Stefanie Preissner, Can’t Cope Won’t Cope (Deadpan Productions /RTE)
Lisa McGee, Derry Girls (Hat Trick/Channel 4)
Peter Foott, The Young Offenders (Vico Films / BBC3/RTE)


Kim Bartley, Schizophrenia The Voices in My Head (Frontline Films/RTE)
Gerry Hoban Shaw, My Astonishing Self (Animo TV/RTE)
Garry Keane, Deafening (Mind the Gap / RTE)
Aoife Kelleher, We Need to Talk About Dad (Waka TV / RTE)


Patrick Jordan, The Young Offenders (Vico Films / BBC3/RTE)
Ciaran Tanham, Red Rock (TV3)
Mick O’Rourke, Sacred Sites (Tile Films / Smithsonian Channel)
Domenico Pontillo, Wild Ireland – the Edge of the World (Crossing the Line / BBC NI/TG4)


Iseult Howlett, Shaw My Astonishing Self (Animo TV / RTE)
John Murphy, Giles (Loosehorse/RTE)
Jamie Fitzpatrick, Wild Ireland – the Edge of the World (Crossing the Line / BBC NI/TG4)
Bob Caldwell, Pearl Harbor The Heroes Who Fought Back (360 Productions / Discovery)


Daniel Crowley, Jordan Mullen & Fionan Higgins – The Young Offenders
Mick Cassidy & Killian Fitzgerald for Sacred Sites
Paddy O’Hanlon, Garret Farrell & Michelee Fingleton Can’t Cope Won’t Cope
Fiachra O’Hanlon and Killian Fitzgerald Pearl Harbour The Heroes who Fought Back (360 Productions / Discovery)

Best Children’s and Young People’s

Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes
Drop Dead Weird
Is Eolai Me
Lurgan 2K17

Best Animation

The Day Jenry met
Driftwood Bayt
Roy Littleroy

‘An Phairc’ airs tonight on TG4

A documentary I cut for Nemeton and director Ronan O’Donoghue airs tonight on TG4. ‘An Phairc’ tells the story of Phairc Ui Chaoimh, its recent rebuild and some of the massive games and events that have taken place there over the years.
Its a cracking doc that finally allowed me to cut something about Hurling! I’ve done every other sport!
The doc also contains loads of great archive including a magic piece featuring my uncle Jim Carney.

Here’s the press release…
The documentary gives an inside view into the rebuilding of Páirc Uí Chaoimh. It will air on TG4 at 9:30pm, Wednesday 27 September.
In the suburbs of Cork, not far from the city centre and on the banks of its own lovely Lee, lies Cork’s favourite playground; Páirc Uí Chaoimh. For well over a hundred years, this spot has been the mecca for the people of the city and beyond to come and see epic sporting battles and headline music acts.
Now as the famous old stadium has completed its refurbishment, TG4’s An Pháirc will look back on some of the biggest stories to emerge from the “the park” and will tell some new ones never heard before.
Alongside the documenting of a cultural icon, the documentary follows the story of the demolition and reconstruction of a brand new stadium, with behind-the-scenes footage filmed over two years all the way to opening day.
Telling the tale will be GAA heroes such as Billy Morgan, Jack O’Shea, Paul Flynn, Seán Óg Ó hAilpín and Barney Rock, as well as legendary broadcaster Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh and Oliver Barry the promoter who brought the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince to Cork.
TG4 Sports Editor, Rónán Ó Coisdealbha says, “For scores of thousands of Irish people, this stadium holds many special memories of hurling and football matches and entertainment events held there over the years. This programme will evoke those heady days for many TG4 viewers and is bound to be popular with our audience, at home and abroad.”
Produced by Nemeton TV, and directed by award-winning director Ronan O’Donoghue, An Pháirc is a must see for sports and music fans from all over Ireland.

The Moderators shortlisted for Grierson

The Moderators, the short documentary I cut for Ciaran Cassidy, I’m delighted to say has been shortlisted for this years Grierson Awards. Absolutely thrilled with this as The Griersons are the pinnacle of documentary awards on these Islands.

Ciaran Cassidy and I worked on ‘The Last Days of Peter Bergmann’ and his co-director this time journalist Adrian Chen, a staff writer with The New Yorker and frequent contributor to a whole range of publications.
The film was produced by Colum McKeown with Laura Poitras (Citizen Four), AJ Schnack and Charlotte Cook for Field of Vision, an online platform for challenging documentaries.

In an office in India, a cadre of Internet moderators ensures that social media sites are not taken over by bots, scammers, and pornographers. The Moderators shows the humans behind content moderation, taking viewers into the training process that workers go through in order to become social media’s monitors.

Grierson Short Documentary Award
Grand Prix SXSW Short Documentary

SXSW 2017
Sheffield DocFest 2017

You can watch the film below

The Full shortlist is here

Reaction to ‘Giles’ documentary

The reaction to the ‘Giles’ documentary which I cut for Loosehorse was incredible. It was watched by a huge audience figure and was the number one trending item in Ireland for twitter for a few days.

Liam Fay writing in the Sunday Times called it “a compelling chronicle of his life story and lifetime devotion to football…Giles was one of the year’s best home-grown documentaries, a film as much about the evolution of modern Ireland as the development of Irish football.”

In the Irish Examiner, Larry Ryan wrote “Giles, a lovely gentle film by Loosehorse, retraced the route through a football life of our greatest football man. The beauty of Giles the film, much like Gilesy the player, was simplicity. It let him talk. Pull the strings. It did the bread and butter stuff right.”

John Byrne writing for RTE website said “There was so much to savour in this compelling and almost flawless documentary it’s hard to figure where to begin.”

Here are some selected tweets about the film. There were 1000’s of them…

‘Sam Barry: Beyond The Baseline’ airs Thursday 9:30

I was delighted to cut this doc for Craig Speer about the life of Sam Barry, one of Irelands leading Tennis players. In between testing each other on 90’s Manchester United trivia I think we managed to fashion a unique look at a side of professional sport most people can’t imagine. I’m delighted with how this turned out.

It airs THURSDAY JULY 1ST at 9:30 on Eir 1

Ian O’Riordan in The Irish Times called it ‘the loneliest Irish sports documentary ever made’ which was pretty much what we set out to do.

In advance of the documentary Sam sat down with Jarlath Regan for his fantastic An Irishman Abroad Podcast

Filmed over a two-year period, this observational documentary charts the trials and tribulations of Limerick native Sam Barry as he tries to break into the elite top 200 tennis players in the world. eir Sport 1, Thur, June 1st 21.30.

This is a story of grit, dedication and a will to succeed no matter what. Sam Barry, just 25, is one of Ireland’s leading tennis players. He is determined to make it in the professional ranks of this most competitive of sports. He spends 40-45 weeks of the year on the road, travelling around the world to play in tournaments that will help him improve his ranking and achieve his ultimate goal – a place in the top 200.

This is the less glamorous side of professional sport, but it is equally compelling in its own right. Directed by Craig Speer and produced by GMarsh TV for eir Sport, Sam Barry: Behind The Baseline shows us the hard yards, the rites of passage that nearly every top level sportsman or woman has to go through to make it to the big time. It’s a story of endless travel, of anonymous hotel rooms and airport departure lounges, of gut-wrenching training sessions and matches in near-empty arenas.


Filmed and Directed by Craig Speer
Produced by Gillian Marsh
Edited by John Murphy
Music by Daragh Dukes

Crash and Burn wins at Celtic Media Award

Crash and Burn has picked up the Torc for Best Sports Documentary at the Celtic Media Awards held this year in Douglas on the Isle of Man.
This is the second time a project I cut for producer David Burke and director Sean O’Cualain has won this award, we previously picked up the gong for ‘Rás Tailtean’ a few years back.
In recent years the awards have been kind to projects I’ve cut with Rás, Arkle and Paidí Ó Sé also winning awards. Despite promising to go every year, I’ve yet to make it to the event. Maybe Wales next year!!

Here’s Sean picking up the award last week

and here’s the trailer to the film