Cold Case Collins

Loosehorse for RTE  2022 

Directors: Maurice Sweeney (Drama) Gerry Hoban (Doc).      

Editor : John Murphy (Drama), Emer O’Cleary (Doc) 

Drawing heavily on a hundred years of historical scholarship and verified witness testimony, the new RTÉ Documentary Cold Case Collins imagines an investigation that never happened – watch a preview above.

The audience eavesdrops on a police inquiry conducted by two fictitious investigators in 1924. Key protagonists and fabled names from Ireland’s Independence struggle arrive into an interrogation room for questioning, as the detectives try to put together the pieces of the jigsaw of what really happened in Béal na mBláth.

In a parallel strand, the former State Pathologist, Professor Marie Cassidy chairs a 21st century cold case comprising forensic scientists, criminal investigators, military strategists, archaeologists, archivists and historians. In this room, they will curate evidence and artefacts side by side with cutting edge scientific analysis about the death of Michael Collins.

Viewers eavesdrop on the experts as they sift and filter through the evidence old and new, looking for answers to the questions that have ignited bar brawls for decades…

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