Waterloo Warriors

World Media Festival Hamburg – Gold Award Docudrama
The New York Festivals 2016 International Television & Film Awards – Finalist
Accolade Global Film Competition – Award of Merit, Special Mention: History

Dir. Ruán Magan. Tile Films. 2015. 52min x2. TG4

This docudrama covers the events that occurred in Waterloo, Belgium on 18th June 1815. The battle for the future of Europe is underway, as Napoleon’s French army engages the Duke of Wellington’s redcoats. Amid all the noise, smoke and blood of the battlefield, it’s no surprise to hear Irish being spoken. This is because Wellington’s “British” army contained thousands of Irishmen, many of whom were native Irish speakers. There were also many Scots in the army, and together these Celtic troops played a vital role in the battle. Now, 200 years on, this feature-length docudrama uses first-hand accounts and rare Irish language documents to tell the story of Waterloo from the perspective of “Na Laochra Gael”. The docudrama is a co-production between leading Irish TV production company Tile Films and Scotland’s Caledonia TV.

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