Abu wins Celtic Media Award

Congrats to my dear friend Dathai Keane and all the lads in Abu for winning a Celtic Media Award for their fantastic series ‘Mobs Mhericea’.

They won the Best Factual Series for Mobs Mhericea. Up against Mobs was CSI : Corks Bloody Secret from RTE, Stephen Fry’s “Last Chance to See” for BBC Wales, The Ian Brady Story (Moors Murderer) from BBC Wales and Jonathan Meade from BBC Alba.

Bríd Seoighe who received the award along with Eileen and Pierce says, “It was a really competitive category. We were up against the best factual series from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany so to win this is a great achievement. And we are so grateful to all the cast and especially the Abú crew who make all our projects so memorable. Micheal O’Meallaigh the Commissioning Executive from TG4 also deserves special mention for his foresight in commissioning the series.”

Click here to see some clips from the show.

2 thoughts on “Abu wins Celtic Media Award

  1. hello John
    Julien ‘Super-8’ Dorgere sent me in your direction – I’ve what I think is a pal/interlacing dilemma (working on avid) with a transfer he did for me & he thought you might have some words of wisdom … are you in Dublin, any chance I could show you?
    cheers! Moira Tierney

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