No Star for you!

This is a story from E! Online which reminds me of when the county council lads in Milltown put up a sign for the townland of Quarrymount but spelt it Quarrymoumt. How did no one guess that wasn’t right.

This is the kind of embarrassing gaffe that’s normally reserved for Kathy Griffin. But it was longtime A-lister Julia Louis-Dreyfus who suffered Hollywood’s latest (kinda funny) indignity.

Yesterday, JLD donned her finest ensemble and hightailed it over to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she was ready to receive her very own star.

Unfortunately, the sidewalk salute honored some lady named “Julia Luis Dreyfus.”

The funny thing is, the hyphen-lacking misspelling was not caught by whoever submitted the name in the first place, nor by the L.A. Chamber of Commerce, which approved the name, nor by whoever chiseled the name into the marble, nor by whoever laid the star down on the fabled walk (good system you got there, Hollywood!), but rather by passing-by CNN correspondent David Daniel, who informed the higher-ups of the 11th-hour issue (but not, God bless him, before snapping a pic of the offending star).

He tipped off the Walk of Fame press rep, who had the unfortunate task of informing the Emmy-winning actress of the mistake. Luckily, you don’t work on arguably the best sitcom in history without finely tuning your sense of humor.

“Right when you think you’ve made it, you get knocked down,” she said afterward. “It’s an ideal metaphor for how this business works.”

The quick-thinking Walk of Fame folks broke out the chisel to make some hasty corrections just in time for the ceremony. A rep says that a permanent replacement will be installed soon and that good-sport Louis-Dreyfus wanted the incorrect version as a memento.

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