Chisel Party

I have a week or so off from work so I’m finally getting to do those things I should have done ages ago. The main one was of course to fix the bathroom door which has for the last number of months had a large hole in it. This was the result of me locking myself into said bathroom and breaking the key in the lock, Paul Fullard who was in the house when this happened tried to force the lock but because the door was basically made of cardboard, all this managed to achieve was him getting his foot stuck in the large hole he had created. It was quite a scene with me stuck in the toilet and Paul with his foot stuck in the door. After Paul got free we set about chiseling the wood around the lock which was of course the only bit of real wood in the door. The whole process took around ninety minutes but I eventually got out and now today I’m finally putting up the new door with kind help from mister Fullard.

4 thoughts on “Chisel Party

  1. Construction work Murphy? tsk tsk. Shouldn’t you be paying a building contractor to do this. I mean how else well they be able to keep up the repayments on their Range rovers.

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