Mobs Canada Tonight

22-03-11@22.00 Mobs Cheanada-Brendan Murray as Dunie Ryan on the right

Tonights episode of Mobs Canada focuses on the ‘King of Coke’, Irish Mob Boss Frank ‘Dunie’ Ryan who controlled the flow of Drugs through Montreal in the 70’s and 80’s. The Quebec city was one of the major hubs of the international drug trade and for a few years, Dunie and the West End Gang enjoyed unparralled success.

Tonights episode was shot mostly in Tuam and features such landmarks as the Rustic Vaults and the Railway Station.

It also features a brief cameo from Tony Sheridan as a Hells Angel.

It’s on TG4 at ten and will be available on their website shortly after that.

You can watch the rest of the series here on TG4’s catch up service which is well worth doing.

EDIT: Watch clips from this and other episodes on my Mobs Cheanada Page

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