Some New Videos

So I spent yesterday evening converting dvd’s and uploading clips to my vimeo page. For the most part I was just uploading some better quality versions of clips I already had on my site but I did also add two new clips from the Jokerman series and a clip from this years election special ‘The Naked Election’. The Jokerman clips were especially interesting.

I edited this five years ago and at the time I believed it to be the finest sequence I had cut up to that point. This was a sequence that had to convey the start of Tommy’s new tour, the new material, the distance travelled and the exhausting nature of it. We had buckets of footage I recall, every show on the tour was filmed, about 30-40 hour long tapes and we had to belt through it all to get 2 minutes of screentime. We spent ages going over and over this sequence, we’d do a few changes, move onto something else and keep coming back to it. The edit kept changing so the sequence was constantly being asked to do different things. I spent the best part of four months editing the Jokerman series and when I look back on it, all I really remember is toiling over this two minutes. There is a danger when you spend ages cutting a montage using a song you love that you end up hating the song or equating it with just the show but this was BRUCE so that was never going to happen. I’d like to think that I’ve cut much better sequences since this one but in some ways I feel this was the start of the editor I’m trying to become and for that reason I still love the sequence and the song.

The other videos I uploaded were on the following pages

The Naked Election

Buyer Beware

Jokerman:Tommy Tiernan takes on America

An Engagement With Franc

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