Lucky Run Wins Storyland

This years RTE Storyland came to an end this week and after a long tough battle, the team left standing was Tuam based drama ‘Lucky Run’. Directed by Colm Cafferkey and produced by Eamon de Staic and Deirdre de Grae, Luck Run charts the story of Robbie, who gets himself into all sorts of trouble, something something beans something something semtex, a man rolled up in some carpet and Andrew Carney on a golf course. It was all a lot of fun, fast paced and made with real flair.

But that only tells a small portion of this remarkable success story, a victory which in large part can be put down to the efforts of one woman, Miss Roisin Stack. A quick check with the major internet providers in Ireland confirmed that over 85% of all emails sent in the past two months within Ireland had the subject “Vote Lucky Run” and of those emails well over 70% were sent by Roisin. So keen were Roisin and Eamon to promote the series, they’re attempts to have their surname changed by deed poll to “Don’t forget to vote Lucky Run” was only thwarted at the final hurdle by their brother Aindrias who objected to what he called “the shameless self-aggrandizing the likes of which has never been seen before”. So distraught was Aindrias he almost forget to mention that his one man show Around the World on 80 Quid will be on in the town hall shortly. Thankfully he pulled himself together to clarify that it’s on the 28th of June.

Roisin recently called up to see me and Maire in our old apartment in Galway and send me over 12 emails to remind me to put the kettle on. When the kettle was boiled and the tea was made, we all somehow ended up back in Eamon’s house till about four or five in the morning cheering our tea making success.

I suppose the big question now is What next for the Lucky Run team, hopefully the next 100 emails we get from Roisin, Eamon or Deirdre will be to remind us to watch episode 1 of their new six part series for RTE. It’s not guaranteed but I wish them all the best for the future and quite frankly if I have to weed my way through a bunch of emails for their next project, I’d be happy to do it if its done with the same level of professionalism that Lucky Run was made with.

So well done lads, I’m absolutely thrilled for all of you. Its something to be very proud of and don’t worry about the emails, most of us were just glad that someone, anyone bothered to get in touch with us. At the end of the day, isn’t that what he internet is all about…
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