Paisean Faisean advert

Here is a very effective ad that was done for Paisean Faisean, a series I cut a large number of episodes of

TG4 got into trouble for this print ad they did for the series

I also found this truncated episode on Youtube which is a quite poor quality upload. Between myself, James Finlan, Kevin Lavelle, Cliona Nolan and Jill Beardsworth we cut around 65 of these over 5 series. Personally I think I did 26, including 10 out of one 13 part series from which this clip is taken. All of the editors listed above had different tastes in music, not radically different but enough that the only way I can tell who cut an episode is by the music! This one is certainly mine…

While looking for the above ad I also encountered this guy who seems more then a bit obssessed with Paisean Faisean presenter Mairead Ni Chuaig as well as random girls he shoots from the top of a dublin bus. Weird.

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