The Launch of Super 8 Film Festival in Galway

I got sent this press release from my mate Julien about the festival he runs. It launches tonight and it should be great fun, I’m very sorry I’m going to miss it..

The Super8 Shots Programme Launch is on Upstairs at Kelly’s on Wed 15 June at 6pm. Super8 Shots 2011 will run from 23rd June to the 10th of July in Galway City and Inis Oírr.

Super8 Shots is an independent Film Festival, with objectives in promoting film as a small medium format. It is aimed at filmmakers, artists, musicians, enthusiasts as well as the general community. Super8 Shots is a rare festival experience where Super8 film enthusiasts from a wide spectrum intersect.

Galway City (23-26June & 9/10July) and the Aran Islands (Inis Oírr 1-3 July) will set the stage for this year’s unique cinematic festival experience. Super8 Shots audiences will experience contemporary Super8 films while being offered an opportunity to appreciate the format’s legacy. This year there is a collaboration between Super8 Shots and the Galway Film Fleadh during weekend3 of the festival (9th/10th July).

Following on from the success of its inaugural year, Super8 Shots 2011 once again promises to deliver a programme of events which has something for everyone.

Events include 8mm film screenings, master classes, exhibitions, live music and a multitude of super8 visuals. International guests coming as far as Berlin and LA, as well as local film makers and artists will work together to spark the Super8 magic. Highlights of this year’s festival include never before seen footage of Thin Lizzy and Rory Gallagher and the visit of high profile artists and musicians, such as Steve Stapleton, who will offer you a feast of sound and visuals.

The Programme launch will take place Upstairs at Kelly’s on Wednesday 15th of June from 6 to 8pm.
The programme launch is free and will include refreshments and food kindly sponsored by Kelly’s.
Members of the press will be present to the programme launch as well as guest speakers and DJs.
After the launch, the programme will be distributed throughout Galway and Ireland. It will also be available for download from our site
You may also follow the festival the Facebook Super 8 Shots page or learn more about the launch here

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