About Bloody Time To Be Fair…

I’ve managed to drag myself from my bed to do some work.
Its only taken me like 10 years but now that I’m enjoying some time off abroad I have finally gotten round to putting a showreel together. It’s something I’ve always meant to do but getting everything together in the one place can be surprisingly difficult and in fact I put this together despite leaving lots of clips at home and not actually having copies of some stuff I worked on. So I’ll probably add some more clips to it at some point when I get all the bits I want but I figured its better to go with what you have thus far and make something from that. The fact that I don’t have a TV in our new apartment also played some part in me finding the time to do this

The clips are from feature films “Rewind” & “Shtax“, documentaries “The Naked Election“, “Mobs Cheanada“, “Jokerman” and “Buyer Beware“. Tv Shows “An Engagement With Franc” , “On The Fly” and “Killinaskully“. Shorts “It Happened One Night” and “Call Girl” and Music Videos for artists Aoife Scott, Woodstar and Readers Wives
Click on the links to see more from each of these items.

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