Old Photos of Galway

These photos have been posted elsewhere but I thought I’d throw them up here as well. I saw them on the Galway Museum’s Facebook Page and was blown away by them. Its a collection of shots taken by the late artist and photographer Derek Biddulph in the 80’s and early 90’s that he donated to the museums collection. If you know Galway at all, you’ll find them fascinating

Woodquay looking onto what is now McSwiggans

Bowling Green, where I used to live until last year

View onto Bridge Mills

That is Neachtains on the corner

View of Middle Street. The site in front is now Charlie Byrnes Bookstore

High Street from outside the Front Door, Looking down to Neachtains

View of the Spanish Arch area. Buildings on left hand side now a Jury’s

Maingaurd St. Building on left is now an Evergreen Health Store

Kirwins Lane before redevelopment. building on the right is now Judy Greene Pottery

Cross Street. The wallpaper shop is now Supermacs.

View down Shop Street

Looking up Shop Street from Anthony Ryans

Moons now Brown Thomas off course

5 thoughts on “Old Photos of Galway

  1. I think the view in the shot of Kirwan’s Lane is in part replicated in a painting by Richard Ward, a print of which is currently hanging up in Moyra Manifold’s shop in Flood Street.

  2. I love all the photos. I think Derek
    Biddulph did paintings of all those
    places. Galway really has not changed

  3. thanks for putting these up John brought back nice memories of my mum especially the one with cars wallpaper shop she used to buy it there

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