John Murphy – A Face for Radio

So yesterday afternoon, for the first time since my days on Blackboard Jungle in the mid-90’s I once again took to the National airwaves. I was very kindly asked by the good people on Newstalk Sports Sunday to take part in a panel discussion on Sports Documentary Films. For the last hour of the show, host Ger Gilroy was joined by my good self, Film Ireland Editor and noted documentary director Ross Whitaker and the producer of Laochra Gael Isabel Leahy. I was quite nervous at first but I warmed to the task somewhat as the hour progressed. I haven’t listened to it back yet as I fear it could well be mortifying but my mother said I was great. So that must be true.

Over the course of the hour we discussed, the recent Ras Tailtean film which I edited as well as Laochra Gael and Ross’s film on the Saint Saviours boxing club – Saviours

We also discussed a bunch of very high profile sports docs and what we looked for in a film.

You can listen back to the piece by going to here and clicking on sports documentaries panel

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