Blog Award Nomination

Delighted to say that I have been nominated in the 2014 Blog Awards in the Best Arts and Culture category. The shortlist will be published on 22nd August and then there’s another judging round for the finalist stage. The awards are being held on 4th October in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane. There will be a sit down dinner, fun, games, spot prizes, music and dancing. The theme for this year is the 80s, so should I get on the final shortlist, I’m going to rock my white sports jacket to the max. Anyways I’m pleased I got nominated and can now stick the funky looking badge on my site.

In other news the Irish Independent did a list of five of the best Irish sports documentaries. The writer clearly has something of a short memory as all the docs were released in the last 2 years or so but that I suppose that was good news for me as it meant 2 docs I cut made the grade. When Ali Came to Ireland and Ras Tailtean were the chosen two. Of course I reckon they would be in any top list of Irish films but I would say that wouldnt I…

When Ali Came To Ireland
When Ali Came To Ireland

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